Upgrades tab in machine

Upgrades can be applied to Category:Machines (the Pump and the Tank Controller can also accept some upgrades) to improve it. An upgrade can be applied by simply right-clicking the machine with it, if it worked, not much will happen, your player will simply swing his arm, however if it didn't work, the machine GUI will open. Which upgrades a machine can accept depends on the machine, the Energy Storage Upgrade and the Speed Upgrade should work on every machine. The Item Auto-Ejection Upgrade and the Fluid Auto-Ejection Upgrade will only go onto machines that produce items or fluids respectively. The Industrialization Upgrade can be applied to machines that support the creation of IndustrialCraft2 items (Recipes needing this upgrade show a the Industrialization Upgrade icon on it).

Currently the only way to remove an upgrade froma machine is to mine or dismantle the machine and placing it back down again, so be careful which upgrades you add to machine.

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