The pump can be used to transport fluids from one place to another. When placed, the large pump head will attach to the side of the block it was placed on, this can be changed by right-clicking it with a Wrench.



Pump connecting to adjacent blocks that can accept fluids

The pump will pump fluids from its large head and will output them to all available fluid containers around it without needing power. Small pump heads will appear on all the sides the pump can output fluids to. In normal conditions the pump can pump up to 250mB per tick, this can be increased by right-clicking it with Speed Upgrades. The pump volume per tick can be calculated like this: $ 250mB * 1.149^n $, where $ n $ is the amount of Speed Upgrades applied to the pump.

If a redstone signal is applied to the pump, it will become locked, show red squares on all sides and seize operation.

Pumping Water


Locked pump on an infinite water source

Additonally the pump can get water from an infinite source, by placing it with the large pump head facing the infinite source. It will then generate as much water as its pump volume (250mB without upgrades) allows, without removing the water block to prevent lag.



GUI Crafting Table Shaped.png
Ender Pearl
Aluminum Ingot
Hardened Rod
Internal Tank
Block of Redstone
Ender Pearl
Aluminum Ingot


GUI Crafting Table Shaped.png
Internal Tank
Energy Storage Upgrade
Machine Block
Reinforced Bars
Internal Tank
Energy Storage Upgrade

High Pressure Tanks
Machine Wire Mill Wire MillResin Extractor Resin ExtractorCVD-Furnace CVD-FurnaceHigh Precision Cutter High Precision CutterRubber Former Rubber Former
Fluid Resin Resin
Solid Block Aluminum Block Aluminum BlockCopper Block Copper BlockMachine Block Machine Block
Tank Component Tank Casing Tank CasingTank Controller Tank ControllerTank Valve Tank ValveTank Glass Tank GlassTank CC Port Tank CC Port
Building Block Resin Bricks Slab Resin Bricks SlabResin Bricks Resin BricksDark Smooth Resin Slab Dark Smooth Resin SlabSmooth Resin Stairs Smooth Resin StairsSmooth Resin Block Smooth Resin BlockResin Bricks Slab Resin Bricks SlabDark Resin Bricks Slab Dark Resin Bricks SlabDark Resin Bricks Dark Resin BricksResin Brick Stairs Resin Brick StairsSmooth Resin Slab Smooth Resin SlabDark Smooth Resin Stairs Dark Smooth Resin StairsDark Resin Bricks Slab Dark Resin Bricks SlabDark Smooth Resin Block Dark Smooth Resin BlockSmooth Resin Slab Smooth Resin SlabDark Resin Brick Stairs Dark Resin Brick StairsDark Smooth Resin Slab Dark Smooth Resin Slab
Fuel Graphite Block Graphite Block
Ore Bauxite Ore Bauxite OreCopper Ore Copper OreGraphite Ore Graphite Ore
Block Resin Block Resin BlockObsidian Bars Obsidian BarsWither-Proof Glass Wither-Proof GlassPump Pump
Tool Wrench Wrench
Dust Bauxite Dust Bauxite Dust
Cutter Nether Star Shard Nether Star ShardDiamond Coated Nether Star Shard Diamond Coated Nether Star ShardLaser Cutter Laser CutterCutter CutterHardened Cutter Hardened Cutter
Circuit Board Simple Circuit Board Simple Circuit Board
Wire Copper Wire Copper Wire
Bucket Resin Bucket Resin Bucket
Ingot Aluminum Ingot Aluminum IngotCopper Ingot Copper Ingot
Fuel Graphite Graphite
Item Diamond Film Diamond FilmGraphene GrapheneWafer WaferObsidian Stick Obsidian StickReinforced Bars Reinforced BarsInternal Tank Internal TankHardened Rod Hardened RodEnergy Core Energy CoreUpgrade Plate Upgrade PlateGraphite Bulk Graphite BulkCarbon Nanotube (CNT) Carbon Nanotube (CNT)
Upgrade Speed Upgrade Speed UpgradeEnergy Storage Upgrade Energy Storage UpgradeIndustrialization Upgrade Industrialization UpgradeFluid Auto-Ejection Upgrade Fluid Auto-Ejection UpgradeItem Auto-Ejection Upgrade Item Auto-Ejection Upgrade
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