The Tank CC Port is part of the High Pressure Tank can be placed anywhere in the tank (except actually inside of it) and is used for integration with ComputerCraft. It acts as a ComputerCraft peripheral.



Advanced Computer attached to Tank CC Port

The CC Port can be attached to like any other peripheral. For example by placing a computer next to it and calling peripheral.wrap("side"). With that one could build a tank monitoring system (see below for what information can be retrieved). Or turn on/off machines that produce fluids depending on fluid level.


The CC Port will expose some methods over ComputerCraft's Peripheral API. If the CC Port is not part of a tank it only exposes the isPartOfMultiBlock method.

If you have wrapped the peripheral using peripheral.wrap(side) when the CC Port was not part of a valid multiblock, you will have to rewrap the peripheral when constructing the tank because the peripheral you wrapped will only have the isPartOfMultiBlock method.

If it is the other way around, meaning you wrapped the peripheral when the tank was built and then invalidated the structure, you won't have to do anything, since the peripheral you wrapped has all the methods, however calling any of them will return false if the CC Port is not part of a tank and will go back to their normal behaviours once it is again.

Command Description Arguments
isPartOfMultiBlock Returns true if the CC Port is part of a formed tank. Otherwise false. None
getCapacity Returns the capacity of the tank in millibuckets None
getStored Returns the amount of fluid stored in millibuckets None
getFluid Returns the name of the fluid stored in the tank None
getStoredScaled Returns the amount of fluid in the tank relative to max, meaning that if the tank was full, this method would return max. This is useful if you want to know how many percent of the tank are full, for that you could call getStoredScaled(100) or getStoredScaled(1) depending on if you want to display the value or use it for calculations. max: (default: 1)
getDimensions Returns an array with the block dimensions of the tank. This method returns multiple results so you should call it one of the following ways (m is the wrapped peripheral):

x,y,z = m.getDimensions() This will assign the x dimension to x the y dimension to y and so on.

dimensions = {m.getDimensions()} This will create a table with the index 1 corresponding to the x dimension, index 2 to y and index 3 to z.

getFluidPerAirBlock Returns how many millibuckets the Tank can store per air block inside. None
getFluidPerLevel Returns how many millibuckets the tank can store per block height. Since the capacity of the tank is calculated using the number of air blocks inside the tank (the walls around it do not count towards capacity). None
getFluidLevel Returns on which level the fluid currently is (in integer numbers), the same as getFluidPerLevel this only counts the air blocks. This will be 0 if the tank is empty and 1 as soon as there is something in it. None
getEnergyCapacity Returns how much energy the Tank (to be precise the Tank Controller) can store in the given energy system, see Energy for more info. EnergySystem: (RF, EU, HPT) (default: HPT)
getEnergyStored Returns how much energy the Tank has stored in the given energy system. EnergySystem: (RF, EU, HPT) (default: HPT)
getEnergyStoredScaled Same as getStoredScaled but for energy. max: (default: 1)



You will only be able to craft this, if you have ComputerCraft installed and loaded.

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Tank Casing
Copper Wire
Tank Casing
Eye of Ender
Reinforced Bars
Simple Circuit Board
Tank Casing
Copper Wire
Tank Casing
Tank CC Port

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